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~*~I Got Tagged~*~

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 16, 2012, 3:38 PM
I got tagged by TinkerBell48, the following are the rules of being tagged, along with her questions that I need to answer. Afterwards, I need to create my own questions, and then tag 10 people of my choosing. *FUN!* I love this, it's like Show-n-Tell, and really gives you insight to the artist/artists you admire most. I hope you enjoy...

   1) You must post these rules.
   2) Answer the questions that the tagger set up for you and create 10 new questions    
       for the people you tag to answer.
   3) You have to choose 10 people to the tag, post their icons on your journal.
   4) Go to their pages and tell then you have tagged her/him.
   5) No tag backs.
   6) No junk in the tagging section about " You're tagged if you're ready this.", You
       have to tag 10 people.

Tagger: Meh! by TinkerBell48  :icontinkerbell48:

TinkerBell48's Questions for Me:
 1)What is your favorite thing to do? Anything related to Art/and or Music.

 2) Have you ever lived in another state? Yes, Florida.

 3) Any brothers and sisters? Yes, an older brother, David.

 4) Most embarrassing moment? When I was 9 years old, and I played violin, and my section had an important part. I didn't learn the piece, so I was the only one on stage with no bow moving. My mom said I stood out in the crowd like a sore thumb!   =/

 5) House or apartment? House.

 6) Favorite food? I would have to say a really juicy Cheeseburger. Oh, and Fries! Oh, oh, and a really THICK Chocolate Shake!!!

 7) Favorite color? Every hue of Purple.

 8) Favorite place to go? Walt Disney World.

 9) Favorite Country? Not sure, I have never been out of my own country. I love my home country, USA, but I would love to travel abroad.

 10) Favorite website? Currently, I'd have to say deviantArt.

My 10 Questions For The 10 Deviants I Tagged Are:

1) How Old Are You?

2) What Gender Are You?

3) Do You Think Gender And Age Contribute To The Type Of Art That You Appreciate?

4) What Do You Consider Your Greatest Achievement?

5) In Everyday Life Who or What Influences You To Be A Better Person?

6) Who Influences Your Art?

7) What Is Your Fondest Memory As A Child?

8) What Is One Of Your Fondest Memories At Your Current Age?

9) What Is Your Dream Job?

10) If You Could Donate A Million Dollars To A Charity, What Would That Charity Be, And Why Would You Donate The Money To That Charity?

The 10 Deviants I have Tagged Are:

1)  :iconicemaniacda:

2)  :iconyvonne63:

3)  :icontoolkitten:

4)  :iconthedarkrayne:

5)  :iconjojoesart:

6)  :iconsakimichan:

7)  :iconpixiecold:

8)  :iconloish:

9)  :icontroybrooks:

10)  :iconcamilladerrico:

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